My name ( in Israel ) is ILAN JACOBI , the author of the two reference books about teaching English Grammar in the form of private lessons . The yellow reference book especially for grades 7-9 and the red reference book for grades 10-12. I am an experienced academic English teacher  (B.A ) plus an extra university certificate for teaching grades 10-12.

Troughout the years of teaching both internal and external students I saw many students who needed private lessons . The cost of one private lesson nowadays is between 100- 130 N.I.S . Hence , I decided to write these private lessons to help many students better cope with ENGLISH GRAMMAR. The lessons are presented with explanations and guidance to clarify differences between Hebrew and English. Not being aware of the many differences leads to a lot of language mistakes .Some students translate words verbally from Hebrew to English. The exercises are followed not only  by answers but also by explanations to explain why some other “ wrong answers
“ are indeed wrong

Moreover, I hope that parents  will join their children in their preparation for the corresponding

English lesson at school

Finally , I hope that English teachers will recognize the benefit these reference books present some of the students

Good luck in using the two reference books

Best regards 

Ilan Jacobi 

he Nazi Night Club in Conquered ROME  1943-1944


The book describes the life of Jewish young woman and her family during the Nazi rule in Rome (Italy) since September 1943 until the liberation of Rome .( 4/6/1944) The family was living in several hiding places and her son was sent to a monastery. The book reveals for the first time , as far as I know of, the lack of military professionalism of Nazi officers. The heroine overcame her fears due to the severe hunger at the time.Later , she even became a spy and transferred valuable military information to the Allied Forces via the Italian Resistance. This became feasible when she found out that Marta was an active member of the Italian Resistance.

A young and naïve Nazi officer in the club fell in love with Hilda , the heroine. He was in charge of capturing Jews in Rome.


The book Beautiful Stories Before Bedtime” presents a few short stories for religious children. The stories were written by a religious adolescent girl during her mental crisis. The stories depict educational messages to help the children better understand the Torah and the mitzvoth/ commandments. 

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